Traditional Foods

"Traditional" in the context of these projects means pre-contact foods. No beef, mutton, goat, chicken, pork, milk, butter, cream, wheat flour (no fry bread), rye, barley, okra, black-eyed peas, or any other "Old World" food that many of us have lovingly incorporated into our diets and tribal cultures. No processed foods (Doritoes, Lays Chips, etc), even if the base is corn or potatoes. No chocolate unless it is unsweetened cacao or sweetened with honey from the Melipona bee, fruit, stevia, camas or agave. Be adventurous and try unfamiliar foods! There are many foods to choose from. My American Indian Health and Diet Project site lists and defines many of them.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quick meal: Breakfast Burrito

What do we do at our house in winter when there is no garden and I haven't been to the store in a while? We have to search the fridge and pantry to see what is still edible.

This morning I found some Mission tomato/flour wraps in the produce drawer, cheese in the back of the top shelf, remnants of the romaine lettuce bag, an onion on the apple bowl, a lonely tomato next to a lonely apple on the table, a new jar of salsa in the garage from the last trip I made to Costco, chopped red peppers and hashed brown potatoes from yesterday. The freezer is always filled with venison.
I sauteed the onion, venison and peppers in a skillet, then spooned all that along with the potatoes and salsa onto the burrito and folded it. I placed in the pan to warm it all together and topped with the lone tomato and bagged salad items. Sometimes I also add black beans.

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