Traditional Foods

"Traditional" in the context of these projects means pre-contact foods. No beef, mutton, goat, chicken, pork, milk, butter, cream, wheat flour (no fry bread), rye, barley, okra, black-eyed peas, or any other "Old World" food that many of us have lovingly incorporated into our diets and tribal cultures. No processed foods (Doritoes, Lays Chips, etc), even if the base is corn or potatoes. No chocolate unless it is unsweetened cacao or sweetened with honey from the Melipona bee, fruit, stevia, camas or agave. Be adventurous and try unfamiliar foods! There are many foods to choose from. My American Indian Health and Diet Project site lists and defines many of them.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Venison meatloaf

Made a meatloaf the other day with ground venison. I added oatmeal (instead of bread crumbs), green chilies, onions, chopped celery leaves and stalks, garlic, black pepper, and one egg. Instead of covering it with catsup I used salsa instead. I forgot to take a shot of the finished product, but the raw version is nice and colorful.

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